How to write xml from dataset in vb net

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Content Type = "text/xml" Dim ds As New Data Set("Building s") ds.

How to create an XML file in using Dataset

I'm trying to write a Data Table to an XML-file and read afterwards the data from the XML-file to another Data Table with the following VB.

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Read Xml method to load the file in a Data Set object:: Make sure you add a reference to System. The Read Xml Schema method The Read XMLSchema method reads an XML schema in a Data Set object. You can use a Text Reader, string, stream, and Xml Reader.

Writing <em>DataSet</em> Contents as <em>XML</em> Data - msdn.
Generating XML from SQL Database in VB. NET

The subject of this article relates to strongly typed collections, ADO. Earlier this month I demonstrated how to create a strongly typed collection (see "Implementing Strongly Typed Collection").Make Your Address Book In With Xml - YouTube

How to write xml from dataset in vb net:

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